RestoSupply Frequently Asked Questions
What are the main benefits of RestoSupply?

For restaurants, RestoSupply is a tool that simplify, improve and save time in how restaurants order their supplies. Restaurants can either issue quotation requests, directly ordering from their preferred suppliers, or order from the market.
For suppliers, RestoSupply open new sales channels and ultimately reducing operational costs.

What is the idea behind RestoSupply?

- Help small and medium-sized restaurants, whether it be single outlet or a small chain, the ability to seek, compare and get the best prices for their supply items. By utilizing RestoSupply, a restaurant could easily achieve a cost saving of 3% to 5%.

- Reduce restaurant’s processing time to order their supplies. Restaurants could achieve up to 90% saving in time when compared to conventional ordering methods.

- Create transparent purchasing process that will deter employees from getting kickbacks from suppliers. - Generate monthly reports to reconcile with your finances.

What does RFP, PO, PPO stand for?

RFP: Request For Pricing
PO: Purchase Order
PPO: Predefined Purchase Order

What are the main benefits of RestoSupply?

1- Create RFP for the required items.
2- Designated suppliers will receive the RFP and accordingly will either quote or not, depending on the availability of the items in their inventory.
3- As a restaurant, you will receive the various quotes of the required items from the different suppliers in a tabulated format and be able to generate PO to the suppliers of your choice.

Can a Restaurant or Supplier try it out for free?

Yes, you will get 30 days trial period to use and assess RestoSupply. We do not ask you for any credit card information

How much does it cost me to join RestoSupply, and are there any hidden costs?

Suppliers register and use RestoSupply for FREE.

Restaurants pay only USD 99 per month per account. An account can have one or multiple branches. It’s that simple. No Hidden Costs

Is there a contract if I want to register my company on RestoSupply?

There are no contracts and you are free to cancel your account at any time.

After I register my Restaurant, what to do next?

After successfully registering on RestoSupply, you will need to do 2 things:

1- If you can’t find a specific supplier on the Suppliers page, you will need to add them by clicking the Add Supplier button. An email will be sent to them inviting them to register on RestoSupply.

2- You will need to add your supply items to your Items page. You can add item by item or upload your items through an excel sheet. Make sure you add detailed description for each item, this will help suppliers know exactly what you want (i.e. kind, quality, brand, packaging type, etc.). In addition, make sure you choose the right category and subcategory for each item that you add. You can always go back and modify or disable any specific item.

How can I make a payment to Suppliers?

You will need to follow each supplier’s payment terms and conditions.

Can a Restaurant view Supplier details and what they supply?

Yes, a restaurant can see for each Supplier the contact details, terms and conditions, price list, and type of supplies.

Can a Restaurant rate Suppliers?

As a restaurant, you will have the chance to rate suppliers on each issued and delivered purchase order. Rating is based on:

- Product Quality
- Condition of Product Received
- Delivery Timeliness

Will I be notified if new Suppliers join RestoSupply?

You will not be notified but when you login to your account, you will be able to view all registered suppliers on the Suppliers page.

Do I need to login every time I receive a quotation?

You do not need to login every time you receive a quotation from a supplier, instead you be notified via email whenever a supplier quote back. You will need to login to your account to review and compare all quotations received.

Can a Restaurant stop dealing or disable a specific Supplier?

A restaurant can enable or disable any supplier through their Suppliers page. By disabling a supplier, no RFP will go to this specific supplier.

Is there a mobile app for RestoSupply?

RestoSupply mobile app (Android & iOS versions) will be available Q3 2019